Child Development Center of Wyndham

Welcome to Child Development Center of Wyndham (CDCW), a dynamic, child-centered community where young learners, ages six weeks to 5th grade, are sprouting up and making new discoveries every day. Since 1995, CDCW has cultivated a creative environment where children explore, grow and have fun, all while developing a lifelong love of learning. Our name says "child development" because that is the cornerstone of everything we do. Our mission is to continually exceed expectations by building a safe and engaging community that helps children to flourish physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively. Learning is hands—on and inventive at CDCW and curious minds are encouraged.

Children are provided with multiple opportunities for discovery and experimentation. Activities and materials are designed to emphasize concrete experiential learning to achieve the following objectives:


  • Foster positive self concept.
  • Encourage cognitive development through, reasoning,
    questioning and experimentation.
  • Enhance Social Skills.
  • Develop language and literacy skills.
  • Foster physical development and skills.
  • Demonstrate appropriate nutritional, health and safety procedures.
  • Encourage creative expression and appreciation for the arts