Friday, July 18, 2014

Dad's Cook-Off

"The Case of the Delicious Mystery Meat" Calling All Grillin'Dads.... and we know there are a lot of you out there! It's time for the 4th Annual CDCW Grillin'Dads Cook-off. We are looking to form teams for each Preschool classroom and Avenues homeroom. Each room needs a four to six man team of Dads. This is an awesome Family Event and you won't want to miss out on the fun. This year's theme is the "Case of the Delicious Mystery Meat." "Mystery Meat" this Year: Protein of your Choice (Our Judges cannot wait to be surprised!) Competition Categories: (Trophies awarded in ALL TEN Categories) "Elementary My Dear Watson" : The GRAND CHAMPION Meat Categories: "So There You Go" : The Best Beef Entry (McCloud) "Freeze Turkey" : The Best Poultry Entry (Rockford Files) "The Truth is Out There" : The Best Non-Traditional Meat Entry (x-Files) "Book 'Em Danno" : The Best Fish Entry (Hawaii Five-o) "Master of Disguise" : The Best Vegetarian Entry (Non-Meat Protein) Side Dish Categories: "And, One More Thing" (Columbo) Best Vegetable/Salad Side Best Pasta/Grain Side Best Grilled Side Dessert Category: "Who Loves Ya' Baby" (Kojak) Best Dessert Entry: At least one component of the dessert must be grilled. Prizes for Classrooms: "Elementary My Dear Watson" (Grand Prize): Family Cookout at the Pool for Your Child's Classroom (Sibling's classroom will receive an Ice Cream Sundae Party) All Other Categories: Classroom wins an Ice Cream Sundae Party and Siblings Classroom(s) wins a Popsicle Party Parent Participation Prizes....Yes, every participant will receive an award, presented by your child(ren). Email for More Information or to Join a Team.