Our History

The Child Development Center at Wyndham is a privately owned facility located on approximately 4 acres in Henrico County's Far West End. In 1995, Debbie Hungerford founded CDCW in response to a need for childcare in the growing Wyndham area. During the initial stages of CDCW, the Far West End was mostly farmland, making CDCW and the Wyndham neighborhood the first new businesses in the vicinity, hence the name, Child Development Center at Wyndham. It was projected that the area would continue to grow, and that projection was on right on target. If you stood on the corner of Shady Grove and Nuckols in 1995, you would have seen only hills, but now you see endless roads and neighborhoods. As the year 2000 approached, additional communities began growing in the area, and the demand for high quality early childhood programs increased. To meet this demand, in 2003, the Avenues at CDCW was added to the campus serving as a home base for school age programs and as a speciality enrichment center for preschoolers.

From the beginning, Debbie’s goal was to create a child care facility that stood out from the rest; one that fostered a hands-on, nurturing environment with the focus on developing each child's confidence, empathy, and enthusiasm for learning; and that’s just what she accomplished with her team of early childhood professionals.


The Child Development Center at Wyndham has offered many unique programs throughout our history. CDCW is proud to be one of the first to introduce an extensive hands-on gardening program for our students. Our Children’s Discovery Garden was developed in 1995 and has grown into a school wide initiative, providing unique and engaging gardening experiences for the children. In addition to our many outdoor play areas, we recently added a Natural Play Space and a Loose Parts Garden, both of which encourage children to explore the natural world and engage with open-ended materials that have unlimited possibilities. Our center doesn’t look like something from a catalog, instead we have specifically designed our spaces and curriculum to reflect the latest early childhood research and to reflect our diverse community.

Debbie’s daughter, Paige Kepner, joined the team ensuring a continued focus on CDCW’s mission. Over the past 26 years, some things have changed; we’ve added another building, a swimming pool, an enrichment program, and enhanced our curriculum, but many things have remained the same. For the past 26 years, the Child Development Center at Wyndham has exceeded expectations; and we feel confident that we will continue to exceed our families’ expectations for the next 26 years.

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