10 Reasons Why We Stand Out!

Passion. Experience. Trust.

1. Safe and Secure 

Your child’s health and safety are our top priority. In response to the COVID-19 health crisis, we have implemented and continue to evaluate comprehensive policies and procedures to keep our community safe. Daily Health Checks and temperature screenings are required for all children and staff prior to entering our building. In an effort to decrease foot traffic and potential exposure, we have also restricted interior access to only allow children and staff inside our building. We have implemented extensive hand washing and cleaning procedures, including weekly, whole building, sanitizing treatments from Spray Clean (www.spraycleanva.com). Our lessons and classrooms are set up to promote social distancing, and all of our staff wear masks. These are just a few of our new procedures in response to the global health crisis, but please feel free to call and get more information.

In terms of security, both buildings remain locked at all times and access is only granted through the use of assigned key FOBs. To further ensure the safety of all children at CDCW, we have developed a thorough crisis/disaster response plan and participate in monthly drills to promote confidence in the event of these special circumstances.

2. Family Owned and Operated 

Over 25 years ago, the Hungerford family founded CDCW and is proud to be leading the business today. The mother-daughter team provides stability and continuity within the privately owned business and the community. Being family owned and operated allows us to reflect our unique community’s needs; nothing here is cookie cutter.


3. Children's Discovery Garden 

CDCW’s Children’s Discovery Garden provides year round opportunities for children to discover and experience the magic of gardening. Each classroom tends to their garden beds and is responsible for everything from planting, to cooking and eating in their classrooms. Children explore the natural world while sharpening their science skills and building an appreciation for nature. The children can touch, smell, and investigate in this hands-on garden.

4. Preschool Enrichment Classes

Preschoolers travel to our two-story building, called the Avenues, where they participate in a variety of specialized classes. Children participate in weekly art, science, music, library, physical education, and Reading Readiness classes.

5. Original and Creative Curriculum in our After School Program

After being picked up on a CDCW bus, the school agers put their belongings in a locker and choose a snack from our very popular Snack Trolley. The children then travel “around the world” through participation in hands-on activities in science, art (including sewing, and pottery), physical education, theatre, cooking (in an interactive kitchen), photography and more.


6. Over Ten Outdoor Play Spaces

CDCW’s campus is home to over ten outdoor play spaces including the shaded Dell, gardens, a giant sandbox, the Natural Play Space, the Loose Parts Garden, the in-ground pool, and MORE! These areas encourage children to be physically active and promote an appreciation for the outdoors.


7. Delicious and Healthy Snacks and Lunches Included in Our Tuition

Take care knowing that you don’t have to pack a lunch or snacks for your child- we’ve got you covered! Our in-house chef prepares a wide variety of well-balanced meals, working closely with our families to accommodate dietary needs.

8. Staff Longevity and Experience

Early childhood education is a challenging profession to be in, but our committed team embraces the challenges and the pleasure that comes with working with young children and their families. Many of our teachers and administrators have been at CDCW for over 10 years (some 25!), providing a consistent and stable environment for our families.

9. 96% of our Teachers are CPR Certified

Although state licensing only requires 1 staff member to be CPR and first aid certified, we are proud to provide our families with the comfort and security of knowing that nearly all of our staff are trained and prepared to effectively deal with emergency situations.

10. Family Events

Enjoy being part of our CDCW community by participating in our many family events. Our Halloween Carnival, Pinewood Derby, and family baseball games are just some of the events that strengthen our bonds and build our community. At CDCW, we take tremendous pride in our positive family relationships.


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