Enrollment at CDCW

The Waiting List… and How it Works.

To enroll a child at CDCW, for either an immediate or future opening, it is necessary to complete a registration form and submit a one-time, non-refundable application/registration fee. At that time, your child will either be enrolled into an ongoing classroom or be placed on a waiting list for a future opening.

When inquiring about enrolling a child at CDCW, parents are often told that the program is currently full causing their child’s name to be placed on a waiting list. We realize that this may be disappointing, but, hopefully, an explanation of enrollment procedures will help parents understand the process used to place children in our classrooms.
Our waiting list, which is divided by each child’s date of birth, prioritizes enrollment in the order in which each child’s completed registration was received. As age-appropriate spaces become available, we contact parents to offer spaces in our school. Priority is given to those families who already have a child at CDCW.

Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that the following questions and answers will help you understand CDCW’s enrollment process.

How long are the waiting lists?
CDCW’s waiting lists vary from room to room, but the infant and toddler waiting lists are generally longer than the preschool and after school waiting lists.

How long will my child remain on the waiting list?
Although we are unable to predict how quickly each waiting list will progress, we know that there are certain times during the year when spaces may be available for new children. Traditionally, each September, at the start of the new school year, a significant number of preschool and after-school students join CDCW. Additionally, summer camp frequently has openings for many school age children. Generally, we will contact you in the spring if a spot becomes available for your child. It is also possible for a space to open mid-year if a family has to leave unexpectedly.

Infant enrollment, rather than focusing on the “school calendar”, is based upon the specific needs of currently enrolled infants. CDCW will move a child from the infant to the toddler room, creating an opening in the infant room, when the child is 16 months old and appropriate developmental milestones have been met.

When is the appropriate time to submit an enrollment application?
As soon as parents know that they are interested in enrolling their child at CDCW, it is a good idea to place their child on the waiting list. This will give the child an earlier registration date, with a better possibility of enrollment, rather than just waiting until the time that care is needed.

How can I schedule a tour of CDCW?
Individual tours are scheduled most Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings at both 10 and 11 am. Each tour will include visits to classrooms in both the Preschool and Avenues buildings. The tour is designed to provide an opportunity to see the entire facility, to view the ongoing program, and to ask questions about CDCW. To schedule a tour please follow this link.

Why does CDCW have multiple waiting lists?
Waiting lists are created for specific age groups and for diverse schedules within that grouping. For example, there may be a place to enroll a child in a 4-year old group, but not an age appropriate opening for a toddler. Perhaps, there may be a part time opening for a 3-year old, but not an opening for a 3-year old who needs full time care.

How long can my child remain on the waiting list?
Families may remain on the waiting list, with no additional fees, for three years.

When will CDCW communicate with me while my child is on the waiting list?
CDCW will contact people on the waiting list when a potential space is available for your child. In addition, each January, parents will receive information about their continued interest in remaining on the waiting list and/or enrolling for the upcoming school year. Parents will be asked to complete and return a new Policy Agreement/Contract (no additional fees) so that their child can be potentially placed in a group for the upcoming school year. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you fill out and return this form to CDCW so we know that you are still interested. This is also a good opportunity for families to update their contact information.

Does registering/waitlisting a child guarantee that a he/she will have a place at CDCW?
Placing a child on the waiting list will increase chances for enrollment. However, due to the many changing needs of our families, we cannot guarantee that your specific program request will be met.

What happens as my child gets older?
As children age, they will automatically roll over into the classroom that fits their age. Registration date will remain the same.

Can one registration form be used for multiple children in the same family?
Each child needs his or her own registration form and registration fee.

What happens if I am not ready to accept a place at CDCW when it is offered to me? If you do not accept an offered position, your child will remain on the waiting list, but will be moved to a lower position. There is no guarantee that an opening will be available for your child as soon as you are interested.


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