A Day in the Life of a CDCW Child
Meet Max. Max is a (fictional) three year old at CDCW.
Below Max describes a typical day in the Jungle Classroom.     

7:15AM -8:45AM: Morning Arrival
Time to start my day! I give my mom a big squeeze and tell her I love her so much before I walk over to the sinks and wash my hands. I’m especially excited because today is my group’s day to go to science and music in the Avenues! I have free play until snack time starts.

8:45AM-9:20AM: AM Snack and Circle Time
English muffins and apple butter- yum! After snack we all head to the carpet for circle time. Ms. Donna greets us and we go over the calendar, the weather, and all the fun activities for today. We are learning about what different animals do during the winter months. After reading a couple of books, it is time for my group to head to the Avenues (the CDCW building next door) for Science with Ms. Kate.

9:30AM-11:15AM: Avenues Enrichment Classes and Classroom Centers
We all gather around Ms. Kate’s table where we learn all about owls and how they stay up all night hunting. We all have a turn dissecting owl pellets where we find mouse fur and bones!
After Science, we walk across the hall for music class. We learn about popular music and instruments from Australia. We listen to a real didgeridoo and then get to make our own to take home!

11:15AM- 12PM- Playground Time
Did you know we have over 11 outdoor spaces to play?

12:00PM- 12:30PM- Lunch Time
Spaghetti, meatballs, blueberries and a salad. Delicious! After lunch the “half-day friends” go home and our teachers turn down the lights for nap time.

1:00PM- 3:00PM- Nap Time. ZZZzzzz.

3:15-3:30. PM Snack.
Fresh sliced apples and pretzels for snacks today.

3:45PM- 4:30PM : Outside Time and Free Play
Time to head outside again. We check on our garden beds before our playground time. Our classroom is growing red peppers!

4:30PM- 6:15PM: Free Play
I choose the wooden blocks center on the carpet where my teacher challenges me to build a home for a winter animal. What a fun day!

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